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CNAPPC Italian Board of architect prize

2019/04/11 · 06:03 PM

opere di design

“Opere di design” prize

Friday, November 16th at the Venice Biennale, we received from CNAPPC the prize in the category “design” that rewards the design office that in Italy has distinguished itself for the product design.

Special thanks to the jury led by Dominique Perrault, to the National Council of Architects, at La Biennale di Venezia, and to all those who, in the small or big, they supported our work in these 5 years!


Young&Design2018 Prize

2018/08/04 · 04:10 PM

Four Aris projects selected for Young&Design Prize 2018

during Milan Design Week in Design for Food and Design for Furniture categories : two of those projects are prizewinners: Totem and Paperwood


Site report- Il picchio

2017/12/08 · 04:58 PM

Green Building 2

The new excavation perimeter for the foundations of a new residential building.


Green Building-TN

2017/06/08 · 04:33 PM

Green Building

New residential green building almost completed


Opening Rulli Carasau

2017/06/06 · 04:11 PM

Rulli Opening

Opening Rulli Carasau


Site report-TN

2017/03/03 · 01:43 PM


Residential building rehabilitation in Pellizzano historical town center.


News from the site

2016/07/13 · 05:30 PM

Powerplant site

The New Pellizzano Powerplant is currently under construction, discover the project.


Meet our design

2016/04/07 · 07:43 PM

Meet our design

Discover totem, doga and ottantaquattro , at milan furniture fair